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Oil & Lube Detailing Maintenance

Authorized Support Services For:



Appliance Service  ( recommended annually )

Key Benefits 

  • prolongs life of each individual appliance
  • finds problems before they become costly repairs
  • scheduled  maintenance  (helps with resell value)
  • Includes; Inspecting the appliance operation, Check and adjust gas pressure and spark gaps Inspect and clean flumes and exhaust, Check charging system, Inspect the A/C and the generator, Flush and fill the water heater  ,Replace the anode rod  as required.    

Roof Inspection  ( recommended semi-annually )

Key Benefits

  • finds problems before they become costly repairs
  • Includes; Inspecting the roof membrane and sealants for cracking and peeling around vents, skylights, antennas,  moldings , Recommend service as required.                             

Wheel Bearing Pack  ( recommended annually )

  • Includes; Inspect and repack  wheel bearings and replace the seals. Inspect the brakes and adjust as required.

Generator Service  ( recommended as needed )

  • Includes; Changing the oil and oil filter .Replacing the air and/or fuel filter as needed.

Lube ,Oil, and Filter  ( recommended as needed )

Includes; Removing and replacing the engine oil and filter. Check and  adjust tire pressure as needed. Lube all chassis zerk fittings. (air and fuel filter prices are extra and may vary)



  •  We also provide a wide variety of service plans  /  preventive maintenance programs that we can customize based on your individual needs. Call or e-mail for more information.



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